2015 May, Winter School, Whanganui, Ucol Print Studio

Rosemary Mortimer explored collagraph techniques with Print Council members

2015 January, Summer School, Whanganui, Ucol Print Studio

Etching Workshop with Rodney Fumpston and Alexis Neale

This dynamic Auckland duo explained the finer techniques of printing from colour roll-ups to multi-layered surfaces.

A joint exhibition coincided with summer school, displaying Beyond the Frame, an exploration of 3D printmaking, as well as Antipodes, a joint exhibition of NZ and Australian printmakers, and also Devil in the Detail, with a theme of D.

Beyond the Frame in foreground and Devil in the Detail on the wall; Julia Ellery and Antonia O'Mahoney with 3D prints

2014 September Antipodes

Exhibition in Auckland and Sydney

A selected print exchange project with no set theme between CPCANZ members and Sydney Printmakers

NorthArt, Auckland, 14 September to 1 October, and Pine Street Creative Arts Gallery, Sydney, 11 to 22 November

2014 July Exhibition

Printmaking: Beyond the Frame

Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland 4 July to 30 August

Exploring different ways of engaging with imagery, materials and processes while including traditional printmaking techniques. An exhibition selected by Linda Tyler and John Pusateri.

2014 June, Winter School and AGM, Whanganui, Ucol Print Studio

Letterpress print exchange with box-making for the prints.

2014 April Exhibition, Hawera

Devil in the Detail

Lysaght Watt Gallery

2D and 3D prints unselected, 14-27 April

44 participating printmakers 

2014 January, Summer School, Whanganui, Ucol Print Studio

Viscosity Etching with Struan Hamilton

Learning simultaneous colour printing using hand cut stencils and multiple etches on steel, to print the intaglio and surface of the plate in one pass.