PCANZ Summer School 2018

Monday 8th to Friday 12th January 2018
Venue: Whanganui Girls College,
119 Anzac Parade, Whanganui East, Whanganui 

Please enrol by sending an email to the Print Council info@printcouncil.nz


Please indicate which workshop/s you wish to attend, as well as second preferences, in case a workshop is full or undersubscribed.

Also, please indicate which nights you wish to book accommodation at Ad Astra Hostel including the Sunday prior or Friday following the workshop if you need this.

All meals are included in the fee, so please indicate any dietary requirements that you may have.

Please make payments to PCANZ by internet banking to Account 03 0791 0387378 00. It is essential that you add your name and summer school as references for the treasurer to identify your payment.

Class times commence 9:30 am Monday and conclude Friday afternoon.

Choose between one 5-day workshop or two 2-day workshops. Other options are Open Studio per day and/or one 2-day workshop.


1. Anthony Davies: stone lithography: 5-day workshop (Monday 9:30am to Friday 3pm)

2. Catherine Macdonald: drypoint etching on aluminium: 2-day workshop (Mon – Tues; 9:30-4:30)

3. Marty Vreede: harakeke/flax papermaking: 2-day workshop (Mon – Tues; 9:30-4:30)

4. Di Harries: creative book binding: 2-day workshop (Wed noon – Fri noon)

5. Carole Shepheard: etching and the botanical: 2-day workshop (Wed noon – Fri noon)

6. Faith Thomas/Julia Ellery: mezzotint printmaking: 2-day workshop (Wed noon – Fri noon)

7. Open Studio Option: by the day (9:30 am – 4:30 pm)
For those wishing to participate in an informal way with the Summer School, untutored self- directed time is possible, dependent upon a minimum number of people. Participants would have to provide their own printmaking materials.

Summer School Fees

Fees include all meals for all participants (residential and non-residential).
All dietary requirements can be catered for. This includes breakfasts.
Packed lunches can be assembled each morning at breakfast time by those attending off- site lithography and paper-making classes.

Workshop/s with meals for 5 days : $540

Workshop with meals for 2 days : $280

Open Studio with meals per day : $60

Accommodation at Ad Astra Hostel : $30 per day 

Workshop Descriptions


1. Anthony Davies: 5-day stone lithography workshop

Explore tonal and line drawing using wax-based media, while working on traditional stones. Discover the subtleties of imagery using this planographic technique, as well as the processes underpinning these possibilities.

2. Catherine Macdonald: 2-day drypoint etching on aluminium workshop

Drypoint is a traditional intaglio technique that results in images made by scoring directly into the surface of the plate, producing a rich vigorous expressive mark. Explore mark making techniques including needles, nails, sandpaper, byo Dremel if you have one & earmuffs. Participants are encouraged to bring source materials, drawing and printmaking tools.


3. Marty Vreede: 2-day harakeke/flax papermaking workshop

Our two-day papermaking workshops are an exploration of the techniques used in the preparation and processing of Harakeke (flax) to make paper. Participants will learn how to conserve the 'pa harakeke' flax stand and harvest the flax in a way that will ensure the sustainable future of this treasured resource. You will learn the terms used when making paper and go right through the process from cutting the flax to forming your own sheets of paper. Bring a waterproof apron and gumboots and expect to get wet!


4. Di Harries: 2-day creative book-binding workshop

Think about why you choose a certain structure for your artist books. Explore what is possible. Think about and develop your current project for an artist book.
Make samples of Secret Belgian, Coptic, and various Crossed Structure books, depending on your interest.


5. Carole Shepheard: 2-day “etching and the botanical” workshop

What is the purpose of a botanical illustration when photography is available? Is it about fully understanding plant anatomy or is it a starting point for free expression? Look at print artists Jim Dine, Jake Muirhead, Dianne Fogwell and Elizabeth Blackadder*. Observe carefully but interpret freely.

Basic etching techniques will include hard /soft ground drawing, aquatint and chine collé. Some paper and plate preparations may also be included to obtain a designated ‘look’ and feel to the finished work. An understanding of etching is desirable.


6. Faith Thomas/Julia Ellery: 2-day mezzotint printmaking workshop

Learn how to create mezzotint prints from scratch if you have never worked this way before, or brush up on your skills if you have. Faith and Julia's combined experience will lead you through all aspects of this DARK ART. All the requisite tools - rockers, rocking poles, scrapers - will be provided - as well as two small copper plates for you to work your own magic on. Hahnemuhle paper and ink will also be provided. The images you make will not be linear but 3 dimensional - (think black and white photographs) - in other words you will be exploring TONE, from deepest black, through numerous SHADES OF GREY to white. With patience and persistence, you will be rewarded with the end results - no such thing as speed mezzotint printing!