Exhibition Details

New Zealand

Palmerston North, Taylor Jensen Gallery, 4 February to 28 February 2017

Taupo Museum and Art Gallery, 6 August to 12 September, 2016

Hawera, Lysaght Watt Gallery, 9 August to 4 September, 2016

Whanganui Arts at the Centre (WAC), 10 August to 27 August 2016

Orewa, Estuary Arts Centre, 3 September to 25 September, 201

Petone, Alfred Memelink Gallery, 30 September to 30 October, 2016

Napier, Community Arts Napier (CAN), 14 October to 3 November, 2016

Queensland, Australia

Townsville, Gallery 48, 16 September to 19 November, 2016, 2/48 The Strand, North Ward, Townsville

Cairns, Canopy Gallery, 7 September to 31 October, 2016, 124 Grafton Street, Cairns

It’s more about the process...than just the final product
— Toni Hartill

Thanks to the organising team: Prue Mac Dougall, Kathy Boyle, Celia Walker, Maggie Dawson, Kyla Cresswell, Kate Rivers

Printmakers pictured: from top right: Delwyn Holder, Prue Mac Dougall, Kate Rivers, Pat Grove-Hills, from lower left: Merle Bishop, Joan Taylor, Toni Hartill, Beth Charles, Lisa Feyen.

Group 1: Freewill, 2016

Participating artists: 

Susan Hurrell-Fieldes, Kathy Boyle, Julz Henderson, Val Cuthbert, Deborah Crowe, Lisa Feyen, Diane Charraz, Jane Stevens, Lynn Taylor, Delwyn Holder.

Watching the layers building up...

Moving images courtesy of Toni Hartill

Group 2: Habitat - A Print Dialogue, 2016

Participating artists:

Celia Walker, Robyn Tillman, Lisz Bodsworth, Jo Ogier, Antonia O'Mahony, Faith Thomas, Struan Hamilton, Kim Lowe, Marci Tackett, Steve Lovett, Emma McLellan.

Group 3: Connect-ed,  2016

Participating artists:

Nicola Ov, Bev Head, Maggie Dawson, Mark Graver, Pat Grove-Hills, Basia Smolnicki, Beth Charles, Kris Lockett, Ian Halliday, Carole Shepheard

Group 4: Evolutionary Forces, 2016

Participating artists:

Lynne Wilburn, Rosalie Thompson, Diane Harries, Julia Ellery, Kathy Reilly, Elle Anderson, John Pusateri, Prue Mac Dougall, Kyla Cresswell

Group 5: Lifestream, 2016

Participating artists:

Kheang Ov, Anna Nelson, Toni Hartill, Lee Brogan, Kate Buckley, Morag Shaw, Merle Bishop, Joan Taylor, Erinna Law-Szalay, Kate Rivers

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