Small Print Exhibition 2019

The Small Print Exhibition 2018 has travelled round New Zealand and finished in Takaka in June 2019. It has been very well received and raised awareness of printmaking and PCANZ.

All PCANZ members were invited to send up to 4 new prints (same or different) for the next round of venues for The Small Print 2019, which commenced in September 2019.

The retail price for the Small Print 2019 prints will be $100. The price to artist will vary depending on the commission charged by the particular gallery.

Send prints to:

Rosalie Thompson
107 St Andrews Road
Havelock North 4130
Ph: 06 8779467
Mobile: 027 74 72952


Julz Henderson
404 Southampton St East
Akina, Hastings 4122
Ph: 06 8760159
Mobile: 022 3079

Small Print Hastings DLE.jpeg

The 2019 exhibition will commence in Hastings on the 16th September 2019.

Hastings Community Centre, Sept 14 to 28, 2019, Julz Henderson facilitator


PLEASE NOTE: The fee for 2019 will be $35.00

Please pay money to the PCANZ Bank Account.

Ac no: 03 0791 0387378 00 with Ref: Name and SP2019

The PCANZ Small Print 2019 Colophon and all other relevant information pertaining to the exhibition can be downloaded from the links below. Include a printed copy of the completed colophon with your prints please.

This is an unselected exhibition


Paper:  250 gsm or 300 gsm good quality printmaking paper

Paper size: A4

Image size:  no size limit, edge to edge allowed

Method of printmaking: any, but NO reproductions or photocopies.

Number of entries: up to 4 prints may be entered, not necessarily an edition, a variety is permitted. If your work sells you are welcome to replace it with another work.

Works will not be framed, so clean edges only please. If there are finger prints or dirty marks the print won’t be hung.

We will be using a magnetic hanging system; it is possible to send this around to galleries with the works.