2011 June, Winter School, Whanganui

Pat Cush tutored the intricacies and vagaries of algraphy (aluminium plate lithography) in Ucol Print Studio.

"How could we resist?" Exhibition

Miniature prints by CPCANZ members

A travelling exhibition with new prints added at each stop

2011, August, Mt Eden Village Centre

2011, May, Whanganui Arts at the Centre

2010, November, Taupo Museum

2010, September, MVH Gallery, Blenheim

2009, April, Left Bank Gallery, Greymouth

2011 January, Summer School, Whanganui

Pat Cush with aluminium plate lithography and Marty Vreede with etching through photopolymer film onto zinc

2010 January, Summer School, Whanganui

Ron Pokrasso monoprint and mixed media printmaking

2009, January, Boundless, Taylor Jensen, Palmerston North

Central Print Council members creating prints that moved beyond the confines of the frame.

Common Ground by Sue Roots – soft ground, line etch, open bite, embossing.

2009, January, Summer School, Whitireia Polytech, Porirua

Chris White, photopolymer

2008, April, AGM Weekend Workshop, Ucol Whanganui

Rosin aquatint, chine colle, silkscreen with new water-based inks 

2008, July,  Weekend Workshop, Ucol Whanganui

Lynne Taylor, "Edge to Edge Printmaking"

2008, January, Summer School, EIT, Taradale, Hawkes Bay

"Crossing the Boundaries" as theme for the week.

2007, November, "Impressed"

Exhibition at Wairarapa Museum of Art & History, Masterton

Annual juried exhibition, selected by Margaret Taylor and Marty Vreede

2007, August, "Who Knows?"

Exhibition at Whanganui Community Arts Centre

Open exhibition, 44 prints by 32 printmakers including Rita Wearn, Marty Vreede, Rowan Gardiner, Julia Ellery, Helen Sutherland, Janis MacDonald, Janice Meadows, Merle Bishop, Yoka van Dyk and Hilary Ramage.

2007, January, "Endangered Species"

Summer School, Artist Book Project

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"Press Gang"

An official publication of CPCANZ

Autumn and Summer 2006 Editions including many articles with technical content

2006, July, "An Unreasonable Passion"

Exhibition, Waikato Museum, Hamilton

Externally juried by Rodney Fumpston and Felicity West

Gallery talks by Marty Vreede, Ruth Davey, Faith Thomas, Steph Chalmers, Campbell Smith, Julia Ellery. Drypoint printmaking for public participation.

2006, January, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird"

Summer School, Artist Book Project

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2005, December, "Under the Felts", Newsletter

2005, October, "Open Slather" Exhibition

Annual group exhibition at Wine Country Gallery, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay

2005, September

Weekend Workshop, Hamilton

Non toxic etching with Ruth Davey and mezzotint with Julia Ellery

2005, May

Weekend Workshop, Whanganui

Aluminium etch and viscosity print with Joe Michael, Dunedin

2005, April

Weekend Workshop, Hawkes Bay

Non toxic copper sulphate and salt etching processes with Kathy Boyle

2005, January

Summer School, Whanganui

Botanical illustration: drypoint etching with Jo Ogier

Line and light: intaglio and print construction with Dianne Fogwell and Helen Geier

2004, June, "Our Place"

Juried exhibition at Te Manawa Art, Palmerston North


2004, April

Weekend Workshop, Nelson

Introduction to printmaking with Marty Vreede (woodcut/relief), Rowan Gardiner (etching), and Julia Ellery (mezzotint).

2004, January, Whanganui

Untutored Summer School

Enjoying printmaking facilities while sharing ideas and skills

2003, October

Solar-plate Workshop

Jo Ogier in Palmerston North

2003, August

Mezzotint Workshop with Julia Ellery in Hamilton

2003, June, "Art About Face"

Group exhibition at Print Arts Northwest, Portland, Oregon

2003, Winter Workshop Series

Eight sessions between May and September in Whanganui on a range of techniques

2003, January, Whanganui

Untutored Summer School

Etching and silkscreen demonstrations with Marty Vreede, relief printing tips with Graham Hall, photopolymer techniques with Jacqueline Aust.

2002, June, Whanganui

Winter School with Stuart Duffin, Anthony Davies, and Jo Ogier

Concurrent exhibitions: Stuart Duffin in Rutland Gallery

Press Gang - Contemporary NZ Print Artists at Sarjeant Gallery

North West Print Council of America group show at Community Arts Centre

2002, March, Idiom Studio, Wellington

Inaugural exhibition for the newly formed Central Print Council 

2002, January, Whanganui

First Summer School run by the Central Print Council of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Range of techniques explored including stone lithography.

2001, First Newsletter, "Press Gang"

2001, Saturday Series Printmaking

Nine workshops offered in Whanganui from August to October, covering etching, stone lithography, silkscreen, bookbinding, and box making.

2000, Central Print Council of Aotearoa New Zealand is established