Inaugural PCANZ Print Exchange 2019

Online Sale of 65 Prints Received is Coming Soon

Members were invited to create an edition of 10 prints, 8 of which will be randomly exchanged with other participating members. One print will form part of a set that will be exhibited and available for sale (same price for all) to raise funds towards the 2020 PCANZ Summer School Scholarship. (Details regarding the exhibition and sale will be sent later.)

The remaining print will become a part of a collection showcasing the works of contemporary PCANZ members. This will be added to the PCANZ archive currently held at the Aratoi Museum of Art + History, Wairarapa and will be an invaluable collection to look back on in future years.

This project will also be an opportunity for members to “discover” the work of other members and to begin, or add to, their own collection of contemporary NZ printmaking. We are hopeful for a majority of members, of all calibers, to be involved to make this a truly representative collection of PCANZ 2019.

Here is a slide show of some of the work already sent in!

TIPS: For those members new to editioning prints you will find tips and advice online.

Here's a link to info about signing editions:

If anyone has, or knows of, a particular website that gives helpful advice about editioning please share it with me and I can pass it on. Or perhaps you might like to share your tips for how you go about creating an edition?

My main tips would be:

  • Choose a process(es) that you will be able to reproduce multiple times without tearing your hair out.

  • For a first-ever edition I would choose a single step process eg. linocut, woodcut.

  • Choose a process that you will WANT to and ENJOY recreating multiple times — wiping drypoint plates for an edition sucks the living daylights out of my soul(!) so I am least likely to choose this as an option or a key feature.

  • I ALWAYS print 2–3 extra to the required amount of prints to allow for the inevitable mistakes. Less stress!

  • Tear (or cut) all of your paper to size before you begin.

  • If using multiple colours, choose and test before you begin printing the edition.

  • Don't try to rush it! Break it down into steps and do one step at a time.Here are a couple of links to international print exchanges where you can view the myriad of different ways people have participated:

Mini Print International of Cadaques:

IPE - International Print Exchange: